Why Choose Shotwell?

We've been in the business since 1996.  We know the ropes and love what we do.  We're easy to work with and understanding of your needs.

If you need an Art Department, or a custom prop fabricated, we can do this with aplomb.  Please ask us for more information.

Stop Motion and Catalog jobs are welcome.  We know you need different terms and longer stays.  We'll work with you to keep your job running smoothly and on budget.

LOAD IN at Shotwell is very simple.  We are street level and have a 50 foot loading zone in front of the building.  A 17 foot tall roll up door lets in pretty much anything you could fit on the stage.  We are a load in dream for grip electric and art departments.  This keeps them happy and saves very real production money on load in / out times.  It keeps you shooting more hours for the same dollars.

It is very common for grip electric or Art Dept. to park a vehicle in the building.  This makes it even easier to work and saves more time on shoot day.

And.... We're in the middle of it all.  We are very city center, but out of the SOMA heavy traffic.   You can BART or Bus -- transit is easy. The best restaurants and cafe's are all within walking distance.  Celebratory after shoot places too....  

Questions?  Try HERE.

San Francisco Photo Studio



1207 W. Canal St.

Milwaukee, WI. 53233

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