Do you have regular hours?

There are no regular hours at Shotwell.  Generally, we are around during business hours.   You must always make arrangements with us to inform us of your shoot time.

How much power do you have?

There are 400Amps of power on the stage.  200 Amps via distro-box on the ground, and another 200 via distort box closer to the grid.  There are 100Amp Bates out, cam lock out and Edison out as well.

Are you a sound stage?

Shotwell is NOT a sound stage.  We are in the heart of the Mission, and some of the character of the environment can come through.  We have done much to baffle the sound, but occasional car alarms and sirens do make it through and are to be expected.  That said, over 50% of our shoots are sound shoots.  We have 20' tall sound dampening curtains on two walls, and sound baffle doors.  There have been countless commercials, infomercials and even two feature films shot here.   If it is during the Blue Angels or Carnival.... all bets are off!

What size truck can I park in the building?

A 5 ton grip truck (16' bed ISUZU or GM Usually) fits nicely, and anything below that.  If it is a Sprinter or something smaller, one can drive all the way onto the stage.

Can I place a hold on the studio?

Yes, a hold can be placed.  If the hold is challenged, you have 3 hours to respond to the challenge.  If you do not respond, your hold will be canceled.

What do I do with my garbage / mess?

Shotwell is like a national park. Pack in, pack out.  If you think you need help hauling away your garbage, let us know ahead of time.  We can make arrangements for a fee. Any mess you make, like dirty dishes or clumps of dirt on the floor need to be cleaned up too.

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577 Shotwell St.

San Francisco, CA. 94110

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