Stage Manager on Site

Production office adjacent to the Stage

Green Room / Lounge

Full Kitchen

Motion Control Equipment  

Expendables:  JCX is just around the corner, Sammy's 6 blocks away.

Grip Electric: Bring in whatever you'd like.  Little Giant is around the corner, and there are plenty of places for your still photo needs within blocks. We have a  small augmenting package available to fill in gaps in a pinch.

Green Screen:  We now have a 20'x 15' green screen in house, pre hung.  Just request it and we'll drop it down for you and save you the build time and wrap time too!  $225.

Motion Control Equipment:  We have the Ditogear Evolution Motion Control Kit, with an OmniHead and 2 meter slider. Call and ask us about it and it's use.

Spin 360 Turntable:  We also have a Ditogear Spin 360 Turntable.  This too works with or without the Evolution Control System.  

Space Lights: We have 2k Tungsten Spacelights available hanging in the grid.  They are $55 ea. Power overages apply.

Scissors lift:  House supplied.  $50/ day.

Parking: 1 cube style grip truck or a car can park in building.  It is  possible to park 1 vehicle across our drive as well (outside). Unlimited hours street parking 1/2 block away on Shotwell St. from 19th St. and down.  Folsom St. too.  Always CHECK THE SIGNS! El Capitan  Lot is 1 1/2 blocks away on Capp St. at 20th and is $15/ day.  Easy.

Art Dept:  World class.  We can build just about anything.  Really.  Feel free to bring in anyone.

Food in the Area / Catering / Drinks:  We've got a list, just click and you'll end up on the page!

Other Stuff: We have plenty of Flats and Jacks, as well as a steamer and a other small things, * (just to save the day).   Give us a call for pricing.

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1207 W. Canal St.

Milwaukee, WI. 53233

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