$1,075 / Day Video or Film

$975 / Day Still Photography  (Flash Lighting Only)

$750 / Half Day

All days must start before 10AM.  Tail lights by 10PM.

Film and video shoots are additional to cover the extra wear and tear, including approximately 100 Amps of power usage.  If a  larger power draw is needed, there may be an additional fee.*

Overtime: $120 / hr.  Overtime starts at 10 hrs.

No Weekend Differential.

Half Day: We now rent for half days (5 hrs). There are no half days on weekends.  Rental rate is $750 for photo or video shoots.  Rental must start before 10AM.  If rental goes over 5 hrs, full day rental charges apply. There is a 15 minute grace period.  There Are No Exceptions.

On site manager is included in fee.

Painting:  The stage area lives white.  The floor, while white, may or may not be a fresh coat.  If a fresh coat is needed, an additional fee of $175 will be charged.  If you'd like the whole stage fresh white, it'll be $475.

For Chroma Green or Blue, or any other color, please call.  

A hold can be placed on the stage.  If the hold is challenged, you will have 3 business hours to reply via email.  If there is no response, your hold is automatically forfeited.  Only 2 days hold can be placed for any one shoot day.

Overnight Parking of Grip / Camera Truck inside is available.  Call for rates and availability.

Cancellation:  Cancellation up to  5 business days of the start of  a booking is a 50% fee.  Under 5 business days cancellation is 100% of the base booking fee.

*Please ask us if you have questions regarding power pricing.



* Please write your name the 'notes' sections 

San Francisco Photo Studio



1207 W. Canal St.

Milwaukee, WI. 53233

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